Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating through the process of finding a homecare provider can be difficult for those seeking care for themselves or a loved one. We’ve provided frequently asked questions to help. Do you have a question you don’t see? Contact us today to learn more about our services.



What kind of services do you provide?

Home health care is usually divided into two categories, non-medical and medical. Non-medical services, which usually do not require orders from your doctor, would include personal care assistance, meal preparation or companion services. Medical-based home care could range from a home health aide to highly skilled nursing care by a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed vocational nurse (LVN), as well as physical, occupational or speech therapy. This care is usually under the direction of your physician. Care can be short, long or intermittent.

What should I look for first in a home care provider?

You want to choose a licensed, full service agency so no matter the need, you only have to deal with one provider. This also provides a very important continuum of care. A home care provider has to be able to respond to all home care possibilities, from the most basic care to the most complex. The agency you select would ideally provide services tailored to your medical needs.

What about the caregivers? What requirements does your company have for employees?

When you contact a prospective provider, ask about their qualification and selection procedures including background checks, skills verification and continuing education.

Will you verify my insurance coverage before services start? Will Medicare pay for home care?

If you are enrolled in Medicare, your care will likely be covered provided you meet the eligibility requirements. Generally this means one or more skilled services are ordered by your physician. Most private insurance companies provide some form of coverage for home health, but this varies widely. The home health agency you choose should verify benefits of your policy prior to commencing care.

Will I have access to consultation with a nurse 24/7?

Just Care Home Health always has a Registered Nurse or LVN on call 24/7.

Do you only provide care to seniors?

No, we do not restrict our care to just seniors. We have historically provided a significant amount of our care to accident victims, post-surgical patients undergoing recovery,  and individuals of all ages with disabilities.

¿Usted o alguno de sus seres queridos, ocupan servicios de cuidado de salud en el hogar?

Nosotros estamos comprometidos a proporcionar la excelencia en la atención domiciliaria en todo momento para los clientes. Nuestros valores son simples: Tratar a nuestros pacientes con compasión, dignidad, respeto, y comprensión. Nuestro personal tiene licencia, son altamente calificados y tienen el entrenamiento completo.

Servicios de salud en el hogar * para el siguiente: Atención de seguimiento después de una hospitalización Atención a corto y largo plazo para ayudar a manejar la enfermedad crónica Servicios de terapia en el hogar están disponibles

 ¿Puedo pagar los servicios de salud en el hogar?

Aceptamos la mayoría de los planes de seguro, incluyendo Medicare. Llámenos hoy para ver si usted califica. Planes de pagos privados tambien estan disponibles. *El médico de hospital, especialista, o su medico deben iniciar el proceso de referencia. El paciente debe estar confinado a su casa o sin poder salir de su casa sin ayuda. *El médico de hospital, especialista, o su medico deben iniciar el proceso de referencia. El paciente debe estar confinado a su casa o sin poder salir de su casa sin ayuda.

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